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As one of our founding members has famously stated “Over time you won’t recognize the people after they start working out here, they just get fit.” One of our other founding members stated that “We are Fort Worth’s Best Kept Fitness Secret”.

Our philosophy follows what every CrossFit Level 1 Trainer is taught during one of their first lection and that is mechanics, consistency, and intensity that is directly related to keeping our clients safe. We focus on technique and individualized progressions to help each client achieve any and every goal they have whether to lose 20lbs, gain 10lbs, run a marathon or a Spartan Race, or maybe even just get better at carrying groceries inside the house. What makes our gym unique from other CrossFit gyms is our programming and application. We tailor workouts to individuals’ specific abilities not just through movement modification but through loading to ensure everyone is making the most of each workout. It’s like having a personal trainer with a tailored program except we only give cues, progressions, and changes as you need them and don’t hover over you as you are crushing.

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Combined with our program we offer multiple challenges per year which focus on addressing overall health to include nutrition, stress management, and how to care for your body through mobility, stretching, and lifestyle choices.

Outside of a safe, proven and well-balanced program we believe we have the best community in all of Fort Worth. Our diverse population could not consist of better individuals who make you feel welcome to each class and missed when they don’t see you in class. This environment is conducive for personal growth not only physically but mentally as you start to discover your true untapped potential. Our gym is led by 5 incredible coaches which include active military service members, multiple iron man finishers, nationally qualified Olympic weightlifters, a chemist, and a published fitness model! The gym is 2500 sq. feet which includes a kids room, 3 restrooms, and over 1200 square feet of workout space. If you are ready to get started on a new fitness journey, in a fun, safe, and supportive setting come on in and try your 1st week for FREE. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

Crossfit workout image Fort Worth location
Crossfit workout image Fort Worth location
Crossfit workout image Fort Worth location
Crossfit workout image Fort Worth location

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    The best gym I've ever been to! Coaches are awesome. They've helped me achieve every fitness-related goal live ever made for myself. I feel like I've been on so many different levels of fitness, and I've never felt out of place at any of them. Also, safety is number one. Great, friendly environment.

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